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What’s Escozine?

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Escozine® is a natural product which contains serum derived from the Caribbean blue scorpion. Over the last 15 years, countless thousands suffering from various cancers and immune-system related diseases have seen their health significantly improved through the use of blue scorpion serum.

Blue scorpion serum has demonstrated clinical success. An eight-year, open-label clinical study enrolled 8,302 cancer patients representing a wide spectrum of disease type and disease severity.  Blue scorpion serum showed an 89.5% success rate in the quality of life of those in the study. Thousands of stage four cancer patients who were only given months to live are still alive today years after first taking Blue scorpion serum.

Escozine® has been used in combination with chemotherapy, radiation, and other conventional treatments. It is a safe and effective natural product.

How does Escozine® work?

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Evidence points to several possibilities, including that different chemicals in blue scorpion serum may work together to improve the body’s ability to fight cancer.

Actions of Escozine® may include:

Triggering the body’s natural ability to kill cancer cells through a process of cellular suicide called apoptosis.

Starvation of cancer cells by causing cellular gates on cancer cells to close. With these gates in their cell walls closed, cancer cells cannot receive nutrition and weaken.

Improvement in t-cell response. T-cells are the body’s primary killers of cancer cells.

Affecting the transfer of neurological information in such a way to slow cancer growth.

Medolife is presently engaging in research for further assessment of the direct mechanisms by which Escozine® functions.


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Q: Is Escozine® safe to take?

A: Escozine® is a 100% natural product. It has been shown to be safe and well-tolerated in humans.

Q: Are there any side effects or danger for the patient’s health?

A: This nutraceutical supplement has shown no toxic side effects during 15 years of clinical testing on humans. It is a safe and effective supplement for patients suffering from many types of cancer.

Q: What is the greatest benefit of Escozine®?

A: The unique benefit of Escozine® is that it helps the body destroy cancerous cells while stimulating normal cell function, unlike traditional methods of chemotherapy.

Q: What types of cancer does Escozine® work for?

A: Escozine® has been shown to be beneficial for all types of cancers, especially tumor-based cancers. Positive results have been seen for leukemia, but the results have been slower than for other types of cancer.

Q: Can I benefit from Escozine® if I have already done chemotherapy, radiation or surgery?

A: Escozine® works very well in conjunction with traditional cancer treatments and can add additional benefits without the side effects other treatments can cause.

Q: Can I take Escozine® while going through or planning to start chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, or surgery?

A: Escozine® is a successful combinational therapy with most types of traditional cancer treatments. In many case, Escozine® has been reported to improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy while diminishing its undesired side effects.

Q: How can using Escozine® in combination with chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, or surgery be beneficial?

A: Patients have reported the following benefits:

  • A dramatic decrease in the side effects listed below (which are typically associated with chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or hormone therapy) including:
    • Weakened immune system response
    • Low white blood cell count
    • Fatigue
    • Pain
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Hair loss
    • Insomnia
  • An overall more rapid recovery from treatment.
  • In cases of surgery, decreased rates of infection

Q: Can Escozine® be used as a cancer preventative?

A: Escozine® may play a preventative role in circumventing recurrences of cancer. Researchers believe it is possible that Escozine® may help the body attack and destroy cancerous cells which might otherwise go unnoticed by conventional methods of abnormal cell detection.

Q: Has Escozine® been approved by the FDA?

A: Medolife has applied for registration and clinical trials in USA for Escozine®®. We are taking this step even though natural products don’t have to be approved by the FDA. This is a statement to the confidence we have in our product.

Q: Do doctors prescribe Escozine® as they do medicines for cancer?

A: While doctors may recommend Escozine® to their patients, doctors in general only prescribe FDA-approved medications. As Escozine® has not yet been approved by the FDA, doctors will not prescribe it as they would an FDA-approved medication. While we encourage you to seek the advice of your doctor on all matters related to your health, please do not be disappointed if your doctor is hesitant to recommend Escozine® for your cancer.

Q: Should I consider taking Escozine® instead of conventional treatments for cancer?

A: While we are confident in the efficacy of Escozine®, Medolife does not encourage refusal of conventional treatments. This is something that only your doctor should do.

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